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    Don't waste water

    One day I went around the jungle, that was my college holidays. So I thought I was lazy to stay at home and I went to some forests. 

    On that day I went away without telling anyone, I had a bag and some food. If we get hungry we will eat at the street .My college friend with me was Raju. Many of the monkeys watched a lot of things. At around 3pm, I was very hungry, so I asked Raju to get the food out.Tiffin auction from the bag but not a water bag. Because I have forgotten to take water from home. Now what? Yet we ate the food, It did not even have a single drop of water to wash the hands. I am very sad that I can not drink water.After going a bit, I saw the water accumulated, I did not stop myself from eating dirty water, but I became peaceable. At that time I realized the name on the water was life.

    We're just going to waste the water holding on the day we eat What should I do if I do not get a drop of water? Everyone will die without water.

    Do not waste the holding of the reserves, save them.

                                     Written by Ishak Rabha


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