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    World Health Organization

    The World Health Organization is a major non-political and international health care agency in the United States.7th April, 1948 the Isb Health Organization began and that day is celebrated every year as World Rights Day . Its headquarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland.


    Every country in the world can accept the membership of the World Health Organization.The number of members of this organization of 1948 was 56.1975 This organization is growing 146 and is currently the member number T2.Each country offers annual funding to the World Health Organization's fund as a member and each of them needs help from the World Health Organization Getting it.


                      Dimensions of Health

    1. Physical Health

    2. Mental Health

    A. Improved physical health 

    B. Basic needs 

    C. Habit 

    3. Social Health

    A. Intellectual

    B. Emotional Health

    C. Environmental Health

    D. Spiritual Health

    E. Occupational Health


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